Our movie has been slowly trudging along as we spend hours after school filming and editing.  Although we’ve had many audio problems, we’ve been fixing them as best as we can and replacing the over corrected clips.  We’ve also had many problems with labeling and finding clips and we had an incident with our media offline, but we’ve been working on correcting it.  Good news is, the parts that we do have put together seem to work well and are really funny (well, at least they make us laugh…).  We have been stressed out with so much film and school on top of that (*cough* english homework), but thankfully we have until May to sort out everything and edit as best we can.  The movie will definitely make people laugh with ridiculous humor and plenty of witty Historical allusions and a very well written rap thrown in.  All the talk of our movie has apparently been about our surprise guest star, Stanley the unicorn.

Aside from film, our crew has had good bonding moments, including watching Frozen with a feast of cream puffs and lime tostitos (they aren’t terrible I guess and they were the best thing that Max could come up with).  We’ve been interacting with other crews as well and they have not been too happy about it….Anyways, filming has been good and we’re really starting to understand how to get good shots and edit well.  This film may not be as wonderful as the others currently being made, but it’s a learning experience and we are all having a good time.  Max is stupid.  We hope to finish filming soon so that we can really focus on editing, which we seriously need to work on.  We may also refilm a few scenes or shots that aren’t the greatest, but hopefully we can finish that up too.

Not only do we have Stanley in our movie, we also have special appearances from very pristine actors and we couldn’t help but be star struck while filming.  Including, but not limited to, Jeff the janitor.  Obviously we wanted to keep the tradition of Jeff cameos in the independent.

Even though our movie may not be exactly umm…up to par with the other movies, our bloopers will most definitely suffice.  In fact, they may be the best thing that we will produce other than the beautiful sideburns we drew onto Ross with a ballpoint pen.


After a long week of filming, Miracle crew is finally getting on top of things.  We’ve all been hard at work in the editing room, especially director Katie McGovern.  Felicia has made wonderful edits to the script to add more humor to a few scenes, a rap part in particular.  The scenes that we have edited so far are really coming together, and Mary and Bakale’s acting skills make the movie.  When asked to improvise a cheer, Mary threw in a surprise song that we can’t get out of our heads.  We’re all very excited to see this movie come together and we are planning to film as much as possible.  Schedualling has been a bit complicated, but we manage to work it out.  Filming with teachers does tend to change the schedual, as we need to plan around when they are free, but Mr. Bakale has been great.  The best part about filming with him is definately when he improvises and changes lines.  He adds a lot of humor the movie and we always have a hard time keeping ourselves from laughing during the shot.  Ross has been working hard at character development and also adds humor to many scenes.

Another great aspect of our crew is the art directors.  We’re so greatful for art direction, especially Emily Martin who let us borrow her horse for a scene; she certainly wins art director of the week.  However, all of our art directors have been a great help.  Nell works hard to find costumes for us to use, and many people have lent us certain costume pieces.  Katie and Felicia work very hard on making costumes, and they’ve done a good job putting Martin’s bald cap/sideburn combination together.  Felicia works very hard with making costumes, etc.,  and her work definately shows.

Overall, our movie is slowly but surely falling together and we have a lot of plans to film and edit over the upcoming weeks.  We can’t wait for this movie to premiere, and although it’s a lot of work, we think that it will turn out great.  Also, Max is okay I guess.